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Coding tests for college placements


Information technology is, undoubtedly, one of the fastest growing fields, technology is being utilized in all the verticals of the business, this has brought up the need of skilled individuals in the IT sector.

Various IT institutions are established across the world to fulfill the need of skilled individuals in the IT sector. These institutions mainly focus on advanced IT training consisting of coding/programming studies. Here is how a reputed IT institute Implemented the coding tests to assess the student’s knowledge from time to time and help them to hone their skills.

Why the coding tests are conducted at college level?

The coding tests can help students to practice attempting coding questions and can help them to be practically competent for their future job role. 

Corporations nowadays conduct the coding tests prior hiring the candidate, conducting coding tests can help students to be better prepared for pre-hiring programming tests.

How to implement coding tests for my IT institution? What resources does that need?

It doesn’t take more than a few hours to complete the end to end process of creating a coding test. 

The coding tests can be conducted without any additional resources, all that you need is an internet connected device. The implementation plan changes from institute to institute based on the need. 

Here is how a Eklavvya helped a reputed IT institute to conduct coding tests

The institute approached Eklavvya to help them to better prepare their students for pre-hiring coding/programming

Coding tests are essential part of the pre-hiring process, conducting coding tests can help students to prepare well for campus placements

Earlier, the process was tedious, students had to send the program file to an USB after which, the evaluator used to check the programs one by one for each student, which was highly time consuming.

This made the institute look for a better option to conduct the coding tests, a digital coding test system was a great option as it actually mimics real coding. The institute had its niche demands about programming languages; they wanted to conduct the coding tests for Python, R and PHP.

Institute could implement the Coding tests efficiently within very short time

Technology to conduct coding test is easy to use

Eklavvya helped the institute staff right from the time of onboarding to the result processing. As part of client onboarding, a training session was conducted for the staff to make them familiar with the online coding test software. After completion of the training session, a training videos library was shared with the staff to learn using software at their own pace. 

On other hand, to make students familiar with the online coding tests, a mock coding test was conducted prior to the actual examination. This efficiently reduced the chances of issues during online coding test

The specially designed features of coding tests turned out to be helpful to the administrator

Specially designed features to take total control over coding tests

There were multiple batches of students, each batch contained a number of students who were learning multiple coding languages. Considering this complexity of the candidate data, there was a crucial need for an effective candidate data management system. The batch management, copy to batch, move to batch features of Eklavvya helped the institute to manage the candidate data with ease. 

Adding the coding questions into the online coding test platform was a totally new activity for the staff. With the simple user interface of Eklavvya, it was easier than ever to add the coding questions into the online coding test platform.

Here is how you can define the coding question

The coding tests were completely customizable as per the needs of the institute, here is how to conduct online coding assessment

Students found the interface of coding test very intuitive and easy to understand

None of the students faced any issue about the coding test interface, the interface was easy to understand. As a mock test was conducted prior to the actual test, students were familiar with the online coding test platform. 

Coding tests were relatively new, to make students understand the coding tests better, the training videos were shared with students, here is one example

The institute implemented every possible mechanism to avoid any issues during the exam, here are top 5 ways to reduce online exam problems.

Coding tests are a relatively new and more efficient way of screening the candidates, majority of the reputed corporations are now opting for coding tests as part of  pre-hiring assessments, this makes it necessary for IT institutions to conduct practice coding tests to help students to get their dream IT job role.

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