Can we conduct Test Series of the Candidates ?

Online Exam Test Series

Eklavvya platform can help us to define multiple online exams of varying difficulty level based on topic/ chapter/ subject/ skill set etc. You can define multiple set of exams based on various patterns. You can define online Test Series.

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e.g.if you want candidate to appear for 10 set of exams for 10 different days then

  1. Create 10 individual exams of various pattern based on topic/ subject/ difficulty level
  2. Define individual schedule for each exam
  3. Assign 10 schedules to each candidate
  4. Each candidate will be able to appear for the exam as per schedule criteria
  5. Email/ SMS notification would also be sent to individual candidate for the exam schedule
  6. You can also accept online Registration and payment and auto assign schedule of test series to candidates.

Successful Online Test Series Implementation