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Build school brand


Most corporations worldwide invest a lot of money into building their brand and increasing its value. While many people think that advertisements are only meant to increase sales of products and services, they are also intended to create brand awareness. In corporations, It is common to have a strategy for developing a brand, which is referred to as ‘brand strategy.

Most academicians think that a brand-centric approach is only for businesses and is not meaningful in the world of education. But as times are changing, the educational sector is keeping up with the pace of corporations. Just like corporations, the field of education is going through a digital transformation. And just like businesses are adopting a customer-centric approach, schools are adopting a student-centric approach.

There’s no better time than now for schools to start building their brands. Although the process of branding a school will be much different than how corporations do it, it’s just as important.

Consider branding your school

It can be difficult to build a brand for your school, but with the right strategy, it is easy to build the brand as a school. Here are the top moves you can use to kick-start the brand-building process for your school:

1. Portray your purpose, define your vision and support it through every activity

The majority of corporations have taglines, which show their purpose. These corporations align each and every activity in line with this purpose. They make a strategic plan and vision to support this purpose from time to time. 

Just like these top companies, schools can also have a tagline that defines their purpose. These taglines should be unique and should convey the school’s true vision. This purpose should also be incorporated into every activity at the school and societal level. By doing this, schools can help their students better understand their role in the world and how they can make a difference and add value to your school as a brand.

Examples of generic taglines-

  • “Education for all”
  • “Education with equality”
  • “Education that strengthens the society”

Examples of unique taglines-

  • “Serving the veterans, supporting the successors”
  • “Breaking the barriers of region, the international school for atomics”
  • “Enabling the specially-abled, school for special children”

2. Be proactive in organizing activities that support the purpose, beyond the school level

Arranging workshops, seminars, and other programs at the school level and beyond has always been one of the best ways to engage students, parents, and other people as well, and still remains highly effective in building the school brand.

Arranging programs that bring people with common thoughts and interests together can help establish a connection between them and the school – something that might make them more likely to choose this school over others in the future.

Although all the people who attend these programs are not the ones who may enroll themselves/ their children in school, it positively impacts the school through brand awareness. As earlier said, just the way advertisements are very less likely to convert into direct sales, but can help to create brand awareness and thus can help the brand to grow.

3. Build the online presence of your school

With the increasing digitalization of our world, the way we search for information has changed dramatically – and this includes finding good schools. More and more people are starting their search online, which means that schools need to have an online presence in order to be competitive and for building the brand.

If you were moving to Bangalore from Pune for a job assignment, how would you search for a school for your children?

You’d probably just google it, right?

An online presence is key for not only discoverability but also to building connections with students, parents, and the community. You can keep everyone in the loop with the latest goings-on in the school, which in turn increases your school’s reach to 1000s of people who then become part of the school community – all while strengthening your school’s brand.

Build your school's online presence

Bonus Tip

Start delivering the online courses to the learners, your school is not limited to your building and premises, with technology, it is possible to serve the students situated 100s of miles apart at any geographical location.

You can start delivering the courses using free Moodle LMS, furthermore, it is possible to conduct secure online exams using Moodle LMS as your course grows and gains the volume of students.


The importance of building a brand at school is undoubtedly high, it is never too late to start something new and meaningful, as you have got an opportunity to think about growing your school’s brand. Take this thought ahead and start building your school’s brand by following these simple tips mentioned in the blog.