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The world has experienced a paradigm shift in the approaches of hiring in the past decade, the number of candidates appearing for the interview was increasing exponentially, which called the need of finding the effective screening approaches for selecting the right candidates for the job roles.

The banking sector is being more organized and is creating a large number of job opportunities, which makes the banking sector one of the major employing sectors over the globe and can surely be described as a sunrise sector for economic growth.

Striving for economic and organizational growth, banks are continuously and vigorously being involved in talent acquisition and hiring. The changing norms, social distancing requirements and evolving technology has led to total digitization and automation of the hiring process for banks.


One of the major banks from Nepal wanted to hire the candidates for job role, it was crucial for the bank to complete the hiring process within short time, the bank received around 13000 applications for various job roles, it was challenging for the bank to screen such a large number of candidates and selecting the best candidate.

Due to the COVID pandemic and social distancing norms, it was no longer possible to invite the candidates physically for application registration, assessment and interview, but the bank was in urgent need of hiring the fresh talent for their bank.

The bank could successfully complete hiring process by adopting the technology, here are the top features with which bank could totally automate hiring process with various benefits

Candidate Eligibility Screening

Candidate screening for bank hiring process

It was must for the bank to implement a strict screening mechanism for candidates as there were around 13000 candidates who had applied for 500 job roles

The bank administration had set up the minimum eligibility criteria for application to job role, the system automatically screened out the candidates who meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the job role.

For implementing auto-screening, certain fields in the application form were made mandatory for the applicants. For example, the minimum eligibility criteria for one of the Job roles was degree in commerce, considering this, a field  application form “commerce degree marksheet” was made mandatory, thus; only those candidates holding degree in commerce could apply for the job role.

The work of application screening was earlier being done manually, which used to take a lot of time for the bank administration, digitalization helped them to save their time, efforts and other resources.

The remote candidates could apply for the job role without having to carry the risk of COVID during their outstay.

The candidates had not to spend money on traveling, food and accommodation; which made the application process more convenient 

Hiring Assessment

Online exam for hiring

The bank received a large number of applications and it was necessary for them to screen applicants based on their skills and expertise, for screening the candidates, an online hiring assessment turned out to be an excellent solution.

Hiring assessments were conducted for the registered candidates, the data of applicants could be easily transferred to online assessment system, the assessments were conducted in proctored mode; meaning that an online invigilator could keep watch on the examinees during the secure online assessment, this nullified the chances of malpractice during the examination. Here are certain tips to conduct remote assessments for hiring

Proctored Online assessment benefitted the bank administration-

Transparent Hiring Process

  • Assessment could be created using both, MCQ and Subjective question types
  • The communication was totally automated without any manual intervention’
  • 13000 candidates could attempt the assessment concurrently
  • Administrators could keep track on the progress of assessment
  • The “zero malpractice examination” was possible making the assessment reliable
  • The records of candidate activity were available to administrators
  • Result and merit list generation was possible with a single click.
transparency hiring process

The hiring process was totally transparent, the following details were available to the hiring authority at any point of time-

  • Application details
  • Candidate logs during online exam
  • Candidate activity records (Audio/Video/Images) 
  • Candidate results and merit list

The transparency of the hiring process is directly linked to the reliability of the process, thus the digital application processing and assessment turned out to be a more reliable way of hiring for the client.

Bank found the online hiring process reliable and convenient, considering the numerous advantages of the digital hiring process, the bank is looking forward to conducting the hiring process in a digital way for all the upcoming job roles leveraging the technology in best possible way

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