How ‘Eklavvya’ helped Leading Training Institute to streamline the assessment process [Case Study]

Success story remote assessments adoption

Eklavvya is the leading remote proctoring solution that helps training institutes streamline their assessment process.

In this case study, we take a look at how one leading institute used Eklavvya to improve its assessment process and deliver a better learning experience for its students.

Conducting examinations for working professionals.


The ways of teaching and learning have seen a drastic change in recent years. The teaching and learning are now not limited to the classrooms. It is possible to learn right from the comfort of your home. Not only learning, but the assessments were also possible to be conducted in an online way. This has made progressive institutes worldwide operate totally in an online mode.

There are certain institutes that deliver the courses and conduct assessments in an online mode to the students situated worldwide breaking the geographical barriers.

While these online content delivery and assessment systems make it possible for these institutes to run totally in online mode, these systems come up with various other advantages like higher efficiency, lesser cost, and wider acceptance to count a few.

About Image Consulting Business Institute

Image Consulting Business Institute provides courses in Image Consulting & Soft skill training and is one such progressive institution that provides learning flexibility to the students. The institute trains budding image consultants.

Image consulting is a relatively novel profession and is finding its application and importance worldwide, this profession is attracting a large number of students situated at different geographical locations. Image Consulting Business Institute is leading and one of the few institutes worldwide which provides basic to advanced courses in Image Consulting.


As the institute got enrolled with a large number of students including working professionals taking the course situated in different geographies, it was important to deliver the content and conduct fair assessments for these students without making them travel, and struggle for attempting these assessments.

Center-based assessments were not a good option as the institute has many working professionals taking this course who need time flexibility to attempt these assessments. On the other hand, it was also important to keep these assessments malpractice free in order to keep assessments reliable.

With such a requirement, Image Consulting Business Institute approached Eklavvya. With the technology, experience, and expertise of the Eklavvya team and the dedication of their staff, Image Consulting Business Institute could successfully conduct the assessments for its students in an efficient way.

Highlights of exams conducted by Image Consulting Business Institute using Eklavvya-

1. An ideal scenario for conducting assessments for working professionals

Center-based examinations turn out to be a good option when an institute serves students located at different geographical locations, but the same is not true when an institute has working professionals as their students who need time flexibility to attempt the assessments.

Online assessments are the only option to go with when it comes to providing time flexibility to the students. The online examination system not only provided time flexibility but also came up with advantages like better convenience to students, and reduced traveling time that would otherwise have been wasted in case of offline center-based examination.

2. Better acceptance and convenience for the candidates

The staff of the Image consulting institute not only accepted the new way of conducting assessments but also leveraged the new system to the fullest to attain better efficiency in conducting assessments. Furthermore, there is no doubt that the courses which provide hybrid options of learning are preferred by the candidates.

This made the implementation of the online assessment system a win-win situation for all, the students, academic staff, and administrators.

3. Question type support and Question paper generation

The Institute conducts examinations that require both, the objective and subjective types of questions in it. With Eklavvya, it was possible to conduct examinations that contain theory-based (Subjective) questions as well. With the intuitive user interface of Eklavvya, it was easier than ever for the students to adopt this system for attempting theory-based questions.

To ease the process of answering the theory-based questions, it was also possible to upload scanned copies of the written answers. Question paper generation features are another highlightable feature, with this feature, it was possible to create a unique question paper of the required difficulty level for each of the students.

The only input required from the administrator is the composition and difficulty of the paper, once these inputs are given, the system is used to automatically generate a unique question paper for each of the candidates. This also helped the institute to curb malpractice as each candidate gets a different set of questions.

4. Efficient student data management

Handling student data is a tedious process, especially when an institute serves a large number of students. It is also hectic to add the data of each student one by one.

The Bulk Candidate Data Import feature of Eklavvya comes up as a solution to tackle this and to make the candidate data creation easier, with the Bulk Candidate Data Import feature of Eklavvya, the data of a large number of students can be imported with a single click right from the excel sheet.

If any modifications are needed, those can be done with a single click which makes the complete student data management process seamless.

5. Digital evaluation and Faster result generation without any errors

A major challenge with the offline exams is that the answer sheets need to be transported to the evaluator, the evaluator checks the answer sheets and sends it back to the administrator for calculating final marks, this makes the overall process tedious and time consuming.

A major advantage of the online exam system is that we can skip all these steps and can directly send the answer sheets for evaluation without any logistics. With Eklavvya, it was possible to check the answer sheets in a digital manner that not only saved a lot of time but also saved the logistic cost.


The way of delivering knowledge is changing, the knowledge sharing is not restricted to any place anymore. With the online content delivery systems (also called as learning management systems) and online assessment systems, the digital ecosystem is now fully equipped to meet the novel requirements of the digital era of learning.

Progressive institutes like Image Consulting Business Institute are embracing and leveraging this ecosystem at the fullest for a win-win situation for both, the students and the institute.

Here is the detailed feedback from the Rakesh Agarwal from Image Consulting Business Institute about adoption of Online assessments

Rakesh Agarwal,

Managing Director of Image Consulting Business Institute.

We offer courses in image consulting and soft skills training and we are the leading brand in the world in this field. Our courses have certain assessments that the students need to undertake. And earlier we had a system where we had physical question papers and students used to come to our centers to take assessments.

But we are into adult education and it used to create a huge challenge in terms of students coming because half of them are working, they are occupied in other activities and they were not able to find it very conducive to come to the center to give the assessment.

At the same time we had to have vigilance so that to ensure nobody is cheating and things like that. And then we came across Eklavvya  and we found out everything about what they offer and then we switched to Eklavvya  for our assessments almost more than one year now and we are extremely happy with their services.

Now they have facilities like we have uploaded question banks that every time a student takes an assessment it creates a random Question Paper within the question bank. So we are sure that there cannot be any cheating because everyone has a different paper altogether.

At the same time, we also have the facility of objective-type questions, subjective-type questions, and then we can assign it to different trainers who can grade them, give their feedback. So it has made our entire system seamless. The students are very happy, the admin staff, the trainers are very happy and everything just works fine.

Eklavvya team has been very good in terms of their response time, solving any issues or new feature developments.