Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System

Answer Sheet Scanning using Scanner for onscreen evaluation process

Here is the introductory video to explore how you can use Onscreen Evaluation System to simplify Answer sheet checking , moderation and overall result processing for theory examinations of your institute or university.

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Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve the current examination answer sheet checking process.

Physical Answer Sheet Evaluation

Physical answer sheet handling and evaluation involve many administrative and logistical activities. The cost for managing storage and handling of the physical answer sheet is very high. Entire result processing may get delayed due to it. Examiners and other personnel need to travel for the answer sheet checking and moderation process.

Traditional Answer Sheet Checking Process

Onscreen Evaluation system can simplify the overall answer sheet checking process.

Let’s check how it works.

Onscreen Evaluation Process

1. First physical copies of the answer sheets are collected for scanning purposes.  All the answer sheets are scanned using high-speed scanners at a secure location.

2. High-speed scanners scan the answer sheets with the proper masking process. Student identity information like name, Roll No is masked. Examiner would not be able to see these details. It would enable a transparent and fair evaluation process. It is possible to scan the bar-code of the answer sheet and map it with specific student records.

Answer Sheet Scanning using Scanner for onscreen evaluation process

3. Question Paper and examination pattern are defined in the software system. Examination information has attributes like Batch, Exam Name, Semester and Stream. The examination pattern is defined according to the question paper format.

4. Information of students is imported in the system for each stream, semester and specialization.

5. Examiners can log in to the system.

After login, an examiner can see a summary of answer sheets assigned to the individual, completed evaluation count, and pending evaluation count. It would help to track the overall progress of the answer sheet checking.

Student identity is masked and the evaluator is not able to identify the name, roll no or any such information related to the answer sheet.

Examiners can click on the “Check Answer sheet” button to start the evaluation process.  On clicking this button this screen would be visible.

Here examiner can identify and mark blank pages of the answer script. Those pages would be marked as blank and it would save total time needed for the evaluation process.

Blank page identification during onscreen evaluation process

In the above case, page no 8 is identified as a blank page and it can be marked as blank by examiner. After marking blank pages following screen would be visible.

annotations and controls for onscreen evaluation process

As you can see, there are various controls available on the page for adding annotations.

You can also view Question paper details. There is a link “View Question”. On clicking this link you can see Question contents. It can be helpful for you to see question contents before evaluating any answer.

Correct Sign: You can use this sign to mark a particular answer as correct. It would add below correct sign symbol on the answer sheet.

Incorrect Sign: You can use this sign to mark a particular answer as incorrect. It would add an incorrect sign symbol on the answer sheet.

Assign Marks for Answer

Before assigning the marks, you must select a question corresponding to the answer written on the page.

There are icons available for each number of marks. You can use it to define marks for a particular answer. On a single page, you can add partial marks and on the next pages, subsequent partial marks can be added. The system would auto calculate the total marks assigned for the answer.

There are symbols available for each marking scheme. You can select and add the annotation. If you try to add marks more than actual allotted to question system would show an error.

Undo Operation:  If you wish to undo a particular activity then you can click on the icon to cancel the previously performed tasks.

Delete Operation: If you wish to cancel annotations and marks added for the particular question then you can select that question and click on delete to remove marks assigned along with the annotations for that answer.

Add Comments: There is an icon button available to add comments on any answer sheet page. You can click on it and define the font to add comments.

Summary of Marks: On the right-hand top corner you can see marks allotted for each question. The system would automatically display the scores for each answer against question number as shown.

The total of the answer sheet is also calculated according to the exam pattern. As an examiner, you need not have to calculate or validate the total. The system analyzes optional questions solved by the students and it is taken into consideration while calculating the final score.

There is a button “Finish Paper Checking”. It would be enabled only if the examiner has navigated all the pages of the answer sheet.

In the case of the blank page, you can add the below marking. It is similar to traditional answer sheet evaluation where you need to add marking for blank pages.

Blank Page annotations for Onscreen Evaluation System

If you have navigated all the pages then the “Finish Paper Checking” button would be enabled and the system would allow you to complete the answer sheet evaluation process.

Let’s summarize all the features of the answer sheet evaluation.

There are various annotation symbols available to speed up your answer sheet evaluation process. You can use it with just mouse clicks. There is facility undo/cancel marks assigned for the particular question. The system is able to calculate the score automatically. It helps to eliminate possible errors of manual tabulation of scores for each question. Your answer checking process is simplified and it would take less time to complete the activity.

The administrator can use analytics and summary to track the progress of the evaluation.

The administrator can also do an analysis of the total time taken by the evaluator to check the answer script, Avg time per answer sheet. It can be useful to understand total time needed for evaluation for each examiner.

There is a facility to extract results in excel format. The system also records all the activities performed by the examiner during answer sheet checking. It is useful during the audit process.

You can also track analytics such as total answer sheets evaluated, total answer sheets pending, Average number of answer sheets evaluated per day, etc.

analytics of Onscreen Evaluation Process_2

The onscreen evaluation process is useful to simplify the answer sheet checking process and it is also cost-effective. It can save the administration and logistical costs. There would be significant savings per year on stationery, dearness allowance for evaluators, travel, etc.

We have implemented the onscreen evaluation process at many reputed institutes and universities. You can connect with us for a demo of our offering. We are just a click away.