5 Ways Audio Based Interviews Can Help Better Hiring!

Audio based Bulk interview process

With changing times, the way of hiring is significantly changed[1], right from the physical interviews to video call meetings[2]; the last decade has witnessed the paradigm shift in the approach of employers for hiring.

The digital hiring process has an edge over the conventional way of hiring. The digital hiring can significantly reduce the infrastructure cost, time, unnecessary traveling and can provide a broader candidate reach to the employer by minimizing the effect of geographical barriers.

With increased candidate reach, the challenge of choosing the right candidates in such a limited period of time was turning hard and thus the β€œbulk interview process” was conceptualized and implemented by many.

Bulk audio interview is the process in which a large number of candidates can appear in the interview process simultaneously using the web interface, the questions of interview are predefined by the interviewer; the answers of which are recorded in the system.

flow chart for implementing audio based bulk interviews

Here are 5 advantages of audio based interviews

1. Broader Candidate Reach

Broader candidate reach irrespective of geographical barriers with audio based bulk interviews

The employer can reach a larger number of candidates irrespective of geographical barriers and limitations of physical space. It will give you a much wider candidate pool than in-person interviews.

Moreover; you can select more candidates for interviews making it even easier to reach best suited candidates for the job role.

2. Time Efficient Hiring

Faster recruitment cycle with lesser human resource

Simultaneous interviews are possible with audio based interviews, all the candidates can give interviews at a time, interviewers can review the recordings as per their time conveniences. 

Even candidates can save their time and cost of traveling, candidates can be provided with flexibility of attending interviews in given window (time slots) which is convenient for them too.

The communication about such bulk interviews is a totally automated process which significantly saves the time which would have otherwise wasted in manual communication

A lot of time is lost in miscommunication, internet glitches from candidate side, late entry of candidate for  conventional interviews which can be efficiently saved by opting for audio based bulk interview process

3. Effective Candidate Screening

Faster candidate screening

 Most of the initial rounds of interviews are intended to assess the aptitude, communication, personality, technical and analytical skills of the candidates. All such screenings can be done through audio interviews.

Bulk audio interviews allow employers to screen more applicants and increase their time-to-hire ratio

The candidates who are selected from first round of hiring can undergo a physical or online HR interview

Implement Audio based bulk hiring and interviews

4. Cost Saving With Audio Based Bulk Hiring

Cost efficient hiring

Audio based interviews require less infrastructure, less physical space occupancy and significantly reduce paperwork

Bulk audio interviews allow companies to reduce travel costs while still maintaining the quality of the interview process

The human resource required for hiring can be significantly reduced, even a small group of people can efficiently complete the interview process of a large number of candidates with a greater transparency in hiring process.

5. Record Keeping

Data storage, access and transparency

The interviews of all the candidates can get recorded in the system, those interviews can be accessed and reviewed multiple times as and when needed.

By virtue of the cutting edge advantages of bulk audio based interviews, many of the corporations are looking forward to opt for this sunrise technology which surely gives insights how the hiring process will transform in upcoming decade

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