Remote Proctoring to Manage Secure Online Exams


Online Exam Trends
Online Examination is becoming essential method to assess candidates across various  domains including education, recruitment, employee training, entrance examinations.  Online examination process provides flexibility and scale to conduct exams of various  candidates.
Importance of Security during Online Exam
Security of online examination is essential to get 100% accurate and authenticated  results of the exam. In the recent times people have identified ways to hack online exam process or  impersonate the candidate to manipulate the exam process for personal gains. Many hi  tech electronic devices are used to manipulate online exam process.
Remote Proctoring
Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control online  examination process in scalable manner

Technology can simplify the process with the help of remote invigilation and  proctoring.

Why Remote Proctoring

Remote Exam Management

Candidates can appear for the exam from any location. No need to travel to the exam center.

Eliminate Exam Center Infrastructure

Eliminate logistical and other activities related to  exam center infrastructure requirements.


Save Huge Cost Of Exam Management

Simple and Flexible to implement with huge saving  of overall examination management process


Basic Workflow of Remote Proctoring

1. Remote Candidate Logs in for Online Exam using Secured  Browser
  1. Remote User Shows Identity Card and System also captures  photo of the user
  1. Proctor Sitting at Remote Location Verifies I Card and  Candidate Photo  and Approves if it is valid
  1. The system monitors User and User Screen with Continuous  Video/ Image/ Audio  Capturing Process
  1. Proctor can Initiate Live Chat with Exam  Candidate, Can  Pause/ Terminate/  Resume Exam
  1. Exam Administrator can view streaming Live  and recording at a  later point in time for audit

Secure Browser

System Issues  Switching Window  Alerts
Exam Gets Suspended  In Case Of Attempt Of  Opening Other  Browser
Secured Browser for Online Exam Process
Does Not Allow Opening Any Other Window  During Exam Process

Prevents Other applications like Recording software, Screen Capture from Running in the Background

Prevents Cheating During Online Exam

Remote Invigilator

Live Chat With Exam Candidate

Invigilator can ask candidate to show surrounding, chat with candidate during Online Exam

Terminate Exam Session

Kill Exam of remote candidate in case if it is found that candidate is cheating during exam

Live Streaming Of Candidate

Live Streaming View of the Candidate during Exam Process to authenticate individual identity

Pause / Resume Exam Session

Invigilator can pause/ resume remote exam session

Technical Ways to do Proctoring

Image Proctoring

System Captures Photograph  of User during certain time  intervals for verification

Audio Proctoring

System captures voice  around the user during online  exams

Video Proctoring

Continuous  Streaming of user  activity during online Exam

Ai Based Proctoring

Auto Facial Recognition  and Cheating Detection  by capturing key triggers  of different faces, more  than one face, no face  detection

Audio/ Video Bulk Interview Assessments

You can configure time interval of image capturing after  each 10 seconds/ 20 seconds/ 30 seconds etc.

Identity Verification Process

Capture candidate images with the help of a web camera for analysis during the online exam

View candidate images

View Candidate Images

Video Proctoring

Configure video proctoring during online exam creation

Identity Verification Process

User would show identity card prior to  start of exam

Approval of candidate identity

Proctor needs to approve the user to start online exam

View Candidate Screen Activity

Proctor can view live exam screen activity

All Assessments Empowered with AI Based Proctoring

Identity Verification

Facial recognition technology to verify identity of the user

Monitor candidate activities live

Capture  and record Audio/ Video/ Photos of the remote candidates during the live assessment

Detailed AI Report for Test Attempt

System would provide highlights of malpractice

Detailed Audit Logging

Logging of different face detection, no face in front of exam screen, more than 2 face detection, etc.

Detailed Analytics of all Events

Live Monitoring

Analysis of all exam malpractices and  recommendations

Successfully Adopted by Many

Entrance Exam for  candidates from 15+  countries with human  proctoring
Entrance Exam for Remote  candidates from 20+  locations with human  proctoring
Sales Team Assessment for various locations with image capturing of remote candidates

Successfully Adopted by Many…

Feedback from Africa

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe

East Africa University

“We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, had to suddenly shift our examination to online because of a new government policy which was intended to limit the coronavirus epidemic spread. Technologically, we were not ready for such unexpected instructions to move to an online examination. However, we found Eklavvya, which came  from the blue moon, to fit our needs.”

Feedback from Asia’s Reputed University

Prof Mahanwar

Director- Mumbai University

“Examinations of more than 500,000 students were conducted by Eklavvya  platform with accuracy. We are satisficed with the way platform worked on all  devices like desktop, laptop as well as mobile. The examinations were conducted in the most secure manner and platform also  enabled us to declare results on time..“

Feedback from Govt. Institute for Entrance Exam

DR. Jonardan Koner

Dean Admissions NICMAR

“Thanks Splashgain for Providing Professional Service in conducting high stake entrance exam of NICMAR.

Eklavvya platform helped us for remote invigilation, recording of entire  exam sessions with audio/ video/ screen activity monitoring with  advanced proctoring solution. Applicants from all across India were able  to appear for proctored admission entrance without any kind of difficulty.”

What Customers Say


L&D Syngenta
Having used the platform for over two years now, I can say with confidence that tool is very effective AND very simple to use


Registrar MIT
Very simple registration process, swiftly created exams, easy-to-use interface, proctored examination link, proctored invigilation reports, examination videos, and ever ready to customize requirements


Olympiads Academy
The system is very easy to understand and extremely user-friendly. Eklavvya’s account management team has been very understanding of our needs

No large scale AI proctored Skill Assessments conducted



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