Yoga is the one of the most ancient and advanced sets of mental, spiritual and physical practices, originated in India and now being embraced worldwide. The practices of Yoga are being backed scientifically and adoption of Yoga is reaching its peaks. The 21st Century has witnessed the paradigm shift in the methods of teaching and learning; Yoga is no exception to that.

The number of schools and classes teaching Yoga has increased drastically owing to the interest for Yoga among people of all age groups across the world. These schools and classes are leveraging the technology for Yoga to make the learning process more interactive and fun.  No doubt that Yoga is  a holistic approach to improve your mental and physical health, with the help of technology, it has become more accessible than ever before. Here are some of the advantages of Yoga that are contributing to its popularity:

– Yoga helps in improving mental and physical health.

– Yoga aids in reducing stress and anxiety.

– Yoga increases flexibility, strength, and energy levels.

– Yoga improves breathing, concentration, and sleep quality.

– Yoga helps in managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, and asthma.

– Yoga has become more accessible than ever before, due to advancements in technology.

– Yoga is backed by science and is being embraced by people of all age groups worldwide.

Let us see the technology trends in “Yoga” in year 2022

Multichannel delivery of the Yoga content

Technology trend in yoga learning, the learning flexibility

The Yoga teaching and learning process is becoming more flexible, one can choose to learn in offline, online or hybrid mode. The delivery of the lectures can be done through multiple channels including the android and iOS applications, Cloud based web applications accessible through all the devices

Fun fact-

The average rating on the basis of 1,53,7000 reviews of Top 10 Yoga Android Apps on google play is 4.6, that clearly implies that the digital way of learning Yoga is widely being accepted and appreciated

Apart from this, the delivery of Yoga content is widely being done through the video publishing platforms. 

Fun fact-

Top 8 Yoga channels account for 10 million+ subscribers and regular viewers on youtube, this tells how popular Yoga is on these platforms. 

Web portals are yet another way of teaching and learning Yoga. In fact, the Government of India has developed a dedicated website for delivering Yoga related notifications and learnings. 

Fun Fact-

“7718030 people have pledged to make Yoga an Integral part of their day, as part of celebration of 21st July, the International Day of Yoga- Know more

Online Interactive Yoga Classes

Yoga learning trend, knowledge gain through interactive learning

Video publishing platforms are great, people can access the content anytime they want and there is no limit to learning, but it’s a fact that the interaction makes it possible to grasp the concepts in a shorter time. This justifies why the interactive classes are preferred by many.

The government has taken a step ahead to maintain the list of trainers and publish on its portal to make sure that the authentic and reliable Yoga practices are being followed to maximize the health benefits of Yoga.

Fun Fact-

A list of 150 Yoga teaching centers and trainers located across the country is available on the dedicated Yoga webpage of the Government of India.

Online Assessments

Online exam software for yoga

The theory and practical goes hand in hand, It is important to understand the reasons behind performing an activity. The same is made by Yoga institutes, by not just teaching the activity, but by truly convincing learners about the importance and reasons behind practicing Yoga.

These institutes have made it simple for the learner to learn the Yoga concepts with the help of digital content followed by the online assessments. 

The online assessments are not just limited to subject knowledge assessment, Proctored digital assessments enable the Yoga teachers to actually interact and observe the Yoga practices performed by the learners. This enables a whole new way of learning Yoga with better coordination and more interaction.

Eklavvya is an assessment platform that is totally customizable and meets the niche needs of Yoga teaching centers, Eklavvya platform has been adopted and implemented by leading Yoga Institutions across the region including Patanjali Yoga Certification, Gujarat Yoga Board, Bharti Yogavidya, Kaivalya Dham to name a few.

To summarize, with the help of technology, we can now learn this ancient practice in a more efficient and effective way. There are many different types of technology that can be used in yoga instruction, such as online classes, apps, and websites. Online classes are becoming more interactive and knowledge check in the form of online assessment is easier and convenient for both, the trainers and the learners.

The Yoga institutes across the world are looking forward to leverage the technology to make Yoga learning and teaching more effective. Here is a testimony about Eklavvya from the founder of one of the reputed Yoga Centre

We, at Swasti Yoga Centre are using Eklavvya for Conducting exams for YCb certified Yoga courses. Eklavvya has transformed the way assessments are conducted at our Yoga Centre,  It has helped our students get exam feel, reducing anxiety, getting real time results with good assessment.

Eklavvya has significantly improved our efficiency and saved time for us. We Acknowledge the good efforts of Eklavvya team. Thank you very much once again!

Dr Vikas Chothe,
Founder, Swasti Yoga Centre,
Yoga Ambassador, Lead Yoga Examiner and Assessment expert

Here is one more feedback from Patanjali’s Yoga Institute

Dear Eklavvya Team,

We have been using the platform of  Eklavvya for the last 2 years and conducted many online assessments of Yoga – Level-1 , Level-2 & Level-3. 

Our students have gained a good amount of knowledge from those tests and we have been successfully able to certify students with respect to their yoga knowledge

Most of them have already started Yoga classes in their cities and some of them are working at our gurukul as well.

We truly appreciate  Eklavvya team for their continuous support and co-operation during each and every assessment.

Eklavvya is certainly enabling remote assessments of the users effectively.

Manish Gaur,

Chief Exam coordinator,

Patanjali Yoga Certification