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Introduction of Online Exam System

1. Get Started with Online Exam Dashboard

 2.Steps to Create Subject for Online Question Bank Management

3. Steps to Define Online Objective or Subjective Questions for Online Exam

4.Steps to Define Online Exam

4A. Online Exam Information Grid

5.Steps to Schedule Online Exam

6.Online Exam User Management for Exams

7.Steps to assign online Exam to users

8.Steps to Access Online Exam Results

9. Demo of Appear for Online Exam

10.How to Manage Online Subjective Exams

10A. How to Evaluate Subjective Exam Answers

11. Steps to Appear for Proctored Exam

12. The process to Resume Online Exam

13.Steps to End Online Exam for the User

14. Online Exam Candidate Management

15.Online Exam user Batch Management

16.How Auto Proctoring Works

17. How to Attempt Online Subjective Exam with Speech To Text Conversion

18. Online Exam API for integration with Third Party Applications