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Online Exam Analytics

Importance of Exam Analytics

The exams which are carried out using internet and internet based devices are online exams. These exams prove very beneficial when compared to the pen-paper based exams which are conducted in classrooms.

Along with the exams, the analytics are also very crucial. These analytics help the faculty members are the management in many ways.

These analytics are carried out the system which can be based on different filters and criteria.

The online exam analytics can generate reports and analyse the performance of the candidate.

These analytics help them to understand the subjects in which a student is strong or weak.

They can analyse the reports to understand where and why a student is underperforming.

The online exam analytics help to save a lot of time which in turn helps the teachers to focus and spend more efforts on the students who are acquiring fewer marks and probably losing confidence.

Such analytics can also help predict the future performance of the students by considering and analysing their past performances.

These analytics can also helps the teachers to determine and change the pattern in which a subject is taught so as to make it simple and more easily understandable.

Thus, we can see that the analytics of online exam is extremely necessary as well as advantageous in so many different ways.

Now let us understand the ways in which these analytics work.

Individual Ranking during Exams

The system is developed to generate ranking for each student which based on total score of the candidate during online exam.

You can enter the criteria such as student details, subjects and score to acquire subject wise performance report of an individual student. The system will provide the analysis in a graphical format.

online exam analysis

Pass Fail Status

Based on the scores in the exam, the system can generate pass or fail status of the candidate.

You just need to pass the data for a certain details which would help the system to generate the pass or fail analysis chart.

Online Exam Analytics

Minimum / Maximum and Average Score

The system can also generate graphs which can display information about the minimum, maximum and average marks scored during an online exam by a particular batch of students.

online exam scores analysis

Topic-wise Performance Analysis

An online exam can be conducted for a single or multiple topics or subjects.

The system can help generate analytics or reports based on the candidate’s performance in an individual topic or can be based on parameters such as total questions attempted, total correct questions, total incorrect questions, etc.

Online Exam Analysis

Question wise performance of the whole Batch

The system algorithms make it possible to generate performance analytics for an entire batch of students.

This helps the teachers to analyse the generic data such as the difficulty level of the exam, the time taken by the students to complete the exam, percentage of understanding the complex or important concepts, etc.

For example, in a batch of 100 students, if more than 90 students answered a question incorrectly, then it is clear that the topic is not well-understood by the students or perhaps there is some glitch in the question.


Online exam score comparison


Thus, we can see that analytics play a key role in any exam. It helps to improve the ways in which knowledge is given or received. It can help teachers to enhance their ways of teaching which in turn will help the students to understand well as also retain it for long time.

At Splashgain, we have developed a platform known as Eklavvya which helps to conduct online exams efficiently. We have used innovative technology such as Artificial Intelligence which helps to analyse the student data in a very accurate and systematic way. The highly advanced algorithms used to create Eklavvya prove immensely useful while generating analytics related to individual student/batch performances as also helps to generate feedback.

Eklavvya has been used by many reputed institutes and organizations worldwide to conduct online exams. The analytics feature offered by Eklavvya has helped these institutes and organizations analyse the candidates’ performances and decide future strategies.