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How to manage academic exams during Covid-19 outbreak

Post covid world is moving in the hybrid era. Many education institutions are coming up with unique hybrid mode of education , flexibility is key for managing it.

Technology is also getting adopted for various academic activities.

Online Learning

Traditional classroom-based learning is shifting to online mode in a compulsive environment where there is complete or partial shutdown across the world. Students have been asked to attend online classes or use communication technologies like hangout, skype, online videos for continuing their learning.

Closure of traditional learning is getting compensated partially by online learning.

Examination Process

However, the examination process is one of the critical aspects of the academic cycle. The right evaluation of students is essential to understand the progress of the student in terms of knowledge gained, conceptual understand of the subject or topic.

The traditional examination process where students are requested to gather at the examination center to write the exam is not possible in the context of covid-19 outbreak. Institutes need to identify and adopt new ways and means to conduct the examination process of the students. Without conducting secure exams academic year would become meaningless and motivation for learning might get diminished for the students.

Way forward for Education Institutes to conduct exams

The government is asking various entities are various organizations to work from home or even there is a shut down for Education institutions as well as universities. Education institutions or universities are facing a great challenge in terms of completing their academic cycle and conducting exams as well.

So if you consider traditional scenario physical examination invigilation is an impossible scenario in the current context of the world, but thanks to the technology, you can Artificial Intelligence-powered Remote Proctoring technology which will help you to conduct an exam even for the remote candidate.

Artificial Intelligence enabled Proctored Online Exams

So imagine a scenario where all of your students are sitting at home in a quarantine environment and you want to conduct the exam for those students. Then, AI-powered technology, which is helping various education institutes to conduct exams. Here are details about, how you can conduct such online exams with the help of Technology and you can easily invigilate those exams sitting at a remote location as well.

why remote proctoring during exams

Limitations of Traditional Physical Exam Invigilation

Examination Center for Online Exams

Let’s imagine a scenario where traditional examinations approach where students need to appear for the exam at the exam center. Then, physical exam invigilation happens where the invigilator needs to monitor student activity to analyze, whether they are doing any kind of cheating or not. The traditional exam approach requires social gathering and physical exam invigilation.

Even in the case of online exams that are conducted at the exam center, some sort of physical invigilation is essential.

Remote Proctoring for Secure Online Exams

With the help of technology, you can easily conduct exams where students are distributed across multiple locations. They can appear for the Online Exam while sitting at their home.

In this case, there are various steps involved that help you to conduct the online exam in a secure manner.

Workflow of remote Proctoring

1. Remote candidate logs into to online exam with a secure browser. It prevents the user from opening any other window during exam activity

2. Remote user does self-authentication by showing identity card in front of web camera and system also captures the photograph of the remote candidate

3.Next step while attempting the online exam is Facial Recognition.

The system tries to capture the photograph of the candidate appearing for the online exam and it is compared with the existing database available within the system.

Imagine if the student is uploading the photograph or the system is capturing the photograph of the student that is compared with the existing Identity Card or identity associated with the student. The system will alert proctor if there is a mismatch in the user attempting an online exam and a corresponding photograph of the student.

And, if that photograph matches the identity card or identity of the student, then the only student will be able to appear for the online exam.

The system can also help you to identify and track if more than one person is sitting in front of the screen

4. As a Remote Proctor, you can easily monitor the entire Remote Examination activity where the entire live streaming associated with the exam activity will be recorded and it will also be shown live.

As a Remote Proctor, you can easily monitor all the candidates or all the students appearing for the online exam.

5. Remote Proctor can also initiate a live chat with candidates attempting the online exams. There are additional facilities to terminate, pause, resume online exam of remote candidate.

Online Exam proctoring and streaming

6. Remote Proctor has entire control of the examination activity, Proctor can also see remote candidate screen activity. Audio and image proctoring helps to detect if a candidate is taking help from the external environment and such an incident can be easily logged in the system with the help of technology.

Remote Invigilator Role During Online Exams

There are various educational institutes who wanted to conduct traditional exams, but because of this covid-19 scare, they have shifted their entire examination process for the Remote Proctored Online Exam.  The entire proctored examination process became seamless and all security aspects of invigilation are taken care of.

Eklavvya platform provides you the option to conduct online exams on the mobile phone of the student. While the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously streams the activity / face of the user to exam proctor. Exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening.


Examination conduction and management can be effectively done during Covid-19 pandemic with the help of technology of AI-powered remote proctoring. It can server purpose where students can attempt online exams from their home and entire copying, exam malpractice can be prevented using proctoring and streaming technology.

The process is quite simple; you need to register for the remote proctored examination process. Then, you can define an online exam.

You can ask your students to appear for the online exam from a remote location where they need to have a continuous internet connection along with a web camera.

The web-camera will help you to capture the photographs of those candidates and it will also help you to record the entire activity of the candidate. An artificial intelligence-powered algorithm will also help you to monitor the entire candidate activity.

So managing such a remote exam is quite easy and quite possible. So if you are finding it a bit challenging as an educational institute or university, and if you are looking forward to conducting online exams in the current challenging scenario, then the AI-powered remote proctoring is the solution for you to get started.


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