How to check Subjective Exam Answers?

Subjective Online Exam Result


1.Login as Examiner

2 Go to Result > Candidate Result Menu 

Online Exam Result Menu

3. Select Exam and Schedule from the screen

4. After Exam and Schedule selection you can see above grid

online Exam Scheduling Selection

5. Click on Incomplete link shown under Paper Checking Status Column.

Subjective Exam Evaluation Process

6. After clicking Incomplete   link you can see all Answers typed by the candidate and User interface to enter marks for each response.

7. You can enter Response and Submit it after all answers are checked. You can enter marks for individual answers written by the candidate and move to next question by Clicking on question buttons. Result would be generated after you have checked all answers and clicked on “Finish Exam Checking” button.

Subjective Exam evaluation

Examiners can login to the system and can see details of answer sheets for evaluation.

Information of candidates like Name, Roll No is masked for examiner for security. Examiners can evaluate each answer typed by the student and can also see attached images of the answer.

Examiner can also allot partial marks, full marks or mark the answer as incorrect. The system would automatically calculate the total and save it. If the examiner wants to mark a particular answer as extra then that facility is also available.

It is useful when you have question paper patterns like attempt any 5 questions out of 7 and the candidate has attempted all 7 questions so you can mark 2 answers as extra.

Here is short Video of Evaluation of Subjective Exam Answers

[arve url=”” align=”center” title=”Evaluation of Online Subjective Exam Process” description=”Evaluation of Online Subjective Exam Process” /]