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Eklavvya has the facility to keep the default password for all candidates appearing for the online exam. Here are the steps to follow during import. Steps 1.Login as Admin and Go to Menu Candidates > Candidate Data  Import Candidate Online Exam Menu 2. You can see the following screen Import Candidate for Online Exam Process Menu 3. Click on Import Link 4. You can get Download Template Link to download excel template of candidate list. 5. Following is the format of the template Excel Template to import Online Exam Candidates 6. You can fill details of the candidate information in the excel and upload information in the system 7. On the Import screen, you can select the checkbox to “Set Common Password for Candidate Login”Common password for Candidate Login   8. You can also insert Individual Records using the following steps

Big thanks to Team Eklavvya for professional support.
All our recruitment exams were conducted perfectly.
We were looking to automate and simplify campus tests for the students.
Your platform has helped us to manage campus placement activity across multiple locations.
Thanks for the great platform and looking forward to continued support in the future recruitment activities of the company….

Rakesh Budhe (Deputy General Manager), Softlink International Pvt Ltd
Rakesh Budhe Deputy General Manager - Softlink International Pvt Ltd

We wanted to simplify our Test Series for IIT JEE, NEET/ Board Exams using technology.
We found the Eklavvya platform very user friendly.
It is very easy to design online exams/ tests and assign them to students.
Our test series for IIT JEE has been shifted online and students are able to practice for their entrance exam preparation.
Thanks for developing such a great platform, looking forward to your continued support and new features to help our students prepare for IIT JEE / NEET/ Board Exams.

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Arun K Shukla Owner Shukla Chemistry Classes
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