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What is online exam security?

During an online exam there are thick chances of candidates trying to cheat or carry out malpractice in many different ways. To avoid this, online exam security is essential. The online exam security includes various mechanisms or techniques which are used to prevent students from cheating.

Let us see those techniques and their advantages one by one.

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What are the techniques which help to make online exam secure?

Many different techniques such as secure browser, IP address audit, Remote Proctoring, etc. are used make online exams secure. These techniques are technologically advanced and thus help to maintain security.

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What is security audit and Logging process related to online exam security?

Security Audit and Logging Process is one of the important processes which help to maintain log entries of every activity of the candidate. These logs can be later analyzed in case of any discrepancy. 

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How does Remote Proctoring technique help to carry out secure online exams?

Remote Proctoring makes invigilation easier during online exams. It helps to authenticate and authorize the candidate before the exam and also help the invigilator to monitor the candidates during the exam from any remote location. 

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How do these techniques work to disallow cheating during online exam?

The Remote Proctoring techniques are developed using highly advanced algorithms. These algorithms help to detect suspicious movements or sounds from the candidate’s side.

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What are the ways in which different educational institutions can implement these techniques?

Due to the circumstantial changes, the educational institutions are switching over to the online mode of education. Here are 6 easy ways in which online exams can be made secure and reliable.

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Case study of a leading institute which conducted online exams in a secure manner

One of the leading educational institutes in India implemented the Remote Proctoring and other techniques to secure the online exams. With the help of those techniques, they were able to conduct the online exams which were free of frauds and malpractices.

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