What features should I look for when choosing a campus recruitment Online Assessment platform?

When choosing a campus recruitment Online Assessment platform?
Musr have features of Online assessment plaftorm for campus recruitment


Campus placements are the win win situations, for students, the college and the employer! Campus placements are now considered as an essential component of overall hiring. Major studies reveal that the youger generation (GenZ) is much faster, efficient and innovative at work, to infuse and leverage these qualities of GenZ in your organization, Campus recruitments can turn out to be a great sourcing platform.

Why assessments are needed during campus recruitment process

No doubt that GenZ is smart and dynamic, but studies reveal that the GenZ gives more importance to their interest than any other qualities of the job. They believe that “not every job role is for everyone”, Interest is what drives them.

By appearing these assessments, candidates get a chance to review and analyze “Am I a good fit for this job and will the work associated with this job role interest me?”

On other hand, for the employer, it becomes easy to screen the candidates on the basis of candidate’s aptitude, domain knowledge and job specific skills. This makes assessments a great way to connect the dots.

Features to look for while choosing an Online Assessment Platform for Campus Recruitment

Online assessment platforms for campus recruitment have been nothing but a boon for both the candidates and the companies as well. From being cost-effective to efficacy in the entire hiring process, online assessments have their own set of functionalities that may or may not suit every hiring process. 

Although there is some predefined set of features that can turn out to be the key to a successful online assessment for campus recruitments. 

When online assessments for campus recruitments are to be held, companies should definitely consider the below-mentioned features in the online assessment tools: 

User-friendly Interface

User friendly interface of the online assessment  platform for campus recruitment

The interface of the online assessment tools needs to be user-friendly. This enables the creation of the assessments in such a way that they are easy for both, the recruiters and the candidates as well. 

The evaluation tests must be simple for the candidates to interact with and fill in. For the recruiters, it has to enable them to evaluate the tests and generate results instantly and correspond the same to the respective concerning parties. 

We used Eklavvya to hire freshers through campus drive, earlier we used to conduct the offline drives for hiring, With support of Eklavvya, we could conduct the bulk hiring drive smoothly.

Ramprasad J (Associate Manager HR, Voonik Technologies Ltd)

Regional Language Compatability

Regional language support by online assessment platform for campus recruitment

The assessment tools no matter the standardization of the language must be able to provide regional language compatibility. This makes the assessment userfriendly for both the acting parties. 

Regional language compatibility stretches the geographical scope of candidate hiring. 

For example, if the company is located in ‘A’ part of a country, then they can conduct the placement drive in the ‘B’ part which can be miles apart or even on another end of the country.

Effective Identity Verification Mechanism

Identity verification feature of the online assessment software for campus recruitment

The online assessment too must be well-equipped to carry out the verification of the candidates aptly through every possible means. 

For instance, before initiating the actual test, the candidates will have to hold up their identity verification card or document that has been intimated to them beforehand to be carried.  Here is how-

Candidate needs to show ID card in front of Camera to start the campus recruitment exam

This will confirm that the listed person is the one attempting the exam.

Ability to Cope with Bandwidth Issues

Online Assessment platform that works at low internet speed

Let us consider a situation where let’s say the candidate residing in a remote location, and facing some bandwidth problem issues and the exam page is lagging a lot.

In that case, the online assessment tool should be ably programmed in such a manner that even with lower bandwidth, the examination can function seamlessly and the candidate will not waste their precious examination time. 

Apt How to Use Training Material

training videos for online exam

Online assessment tools should provide the users with the optimum and apt amount and data on how to use the tool in any sort of step-by-step manual, guide, video, or any other possible form. 

In addition, the conduction of mock exams would be the add-on where a practice exam will be conducted so that the users are equipped enough to use the online assessment use as and when required.

Here is an example of a demo video for administrator- “How to create the exam in online assessment platform

Active Support During the Assessments to Avoid Breakdowns

Support to candidates during the online assessment process for campus recruitment

During the examination, if the candidate or the recruiter faces any kind of issues or has doubts regarding the online assessment tool, their issues need to be addressed immediately. 

This will ensure the continuation of the examination through any problems or hurdles that may come up. This keeps the exam conduction seamless and the candidates can give their tests with ease.

Generous Support Team

Not just during the examination, but assistance is required post and pre-examination for candidates and the recruiters as well. Pre-examination, the conveyance of the timetable, the examination link, and all other pre-requisites of the exam need to be done properly. 

During the exam, as we saw above what support is required needs to be provided to avoid any mishaps.

Even post the examinations, certain assistance is required concerning the result generations and conveyance which has to be precise and timely. 

Enhanced Security Features to Maintain the Integrity

Secure online exam software for conducting online  campus recruitment

In terms of online assessment security, the online assessment tool needs to provide an optimum level of security to prevent the candidates from attempting any malpractices. 

Audio proctoring, video proctoring and screen proctoring, or 360-degree proctoring as they call it, are some of the best ways to analyze the security features that an online assessment tool can provide. 

Apart from that in terms of security for the recruiters, the tools should be well equipped to provide the utmost level of security so that any kind of data should not be exposed to any sort of vulnerabilities.

We ( Prism Johnson Limited) find the Eklavvya platform quick, easily accessible. The service of Eklavvya is good. We have been able to simplify recruitment process.

Swati Pandey (HR- Prism Johnson Ltd)

Ability to Scale and Function Seamlessly

Scalable online exams for campus recruitment

One of the most regular mistakes that are done when on the hunt for online assessment tools is not testing if the tool is robust enough. 

Online assessment tools should be robust and scalable enough to handle and deal with any amount of workload that keeps on coming it’s way at any speed that there is. The tool must adapt itself to the figures as and when needed. 

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting and analysis feature

This is one of the most important features to consider when choosing an evaluation tool, not only for campus recruitments but also for all the online assessments out there. 

Reporting and analyzing feature is a means to keep track of the progress of the candidate. This helps the examinee side of organizations to alter their processes to enhance the effectiveness of the assessments. 

That and much more need to be considered before opting for online assessment tools. To make that task easier, we have shortlisted a checklist of questions that need to be asked before zeroing down on any platform for online assessment on the whole.

Final Checklist and Questions to be Asked

  • What methods do they provide to prevent the candidates from cheating?
  • If the company is certified enough to conduct the right kind of examinations and if they have been recognized for the same.?
  • What kind of security do they provide to protect the data whole assessment process and data from any vulnerabilities?
  • If they support remote proctoring and what sort?
  • If the tool can integrate well with the existing environment?
How Ekalvvya can be the right choice as an Online Assessment Platform for campus recruitment?

A well-polished assessment is an opportunity for the company administration that will be a turning point for how campus recruitment drives are held. 

To add to the enhancement of the hiring process through campus recruitment drives, Eklavvya offers the ultimate solution that will run such drives. 

Eklavvya is a sophisticated AI-powered online assessment platform that provides multiple methods of proctoring to evaluate the candidates. 

Audio, video, and screen proctoring prevent the candidates from violating any exam rules and conducting seamless online exam conduction with immediate result generation.

Optimum pre and post-support for the online assessment make the process much easier than ever. 

Online assessments for campus recruitment with Eklavvya are the rising sun of a new career era that will change all the ways careers are built; right from the point when it is in the learning phase to the ultimate corporate hire.