How to attempt online coding Test ?

Attempt online coding test

Please refer below steps to attempt online coding exam

  1. You would be provided with a user name and password. You need to enter the username and password and then enter the Captcha shown on the screen and then you can accept terms of use and Privacy policy of the website and click on Login button to proceed ahead.
Online Exam Login Page

2.As soon as you click on Log In button you will be shown the details of the exam name, programming exam name, Start date, End date Total number of questions Total duration associated with exam you can click on Proceed button to proceed ahead.

As soon as you click on Proceed button you will be shown the details of the exam your name, your Roll number. You need to confirm that your name and Roll number is valid. Then you can click on Confirm button to proceed.

3. Exam questions and coding text area would be shown to you during the exam

Question has got various information attributes

Problem Statement : it would provide you the detailed description

Example : It would provide example of the program code

Functional Description: It would provide functional details of the code to be written

Returns: It would provide details of expected output of the code (what code should return after execution)

Coding Exam Question

4. Coding area has been provided to type program.

online coding test code typing area

5.You can click on Run button under test cases section to execute the program. If there is compile time error then system would show you errors in your code. You need to fix compiler errors and then again click on Run. As soon as your test cases get executed system would show it as Success or Failure.

online coding test cases execution

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