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Exams are one of the most crucial part of one’s life, exams can help the student to shine bright, build confidence in self.

Evaluation of student performance and providing personalized feedback is important part of the education journey. Qualitative, effective feedback can help students to improve their performance.

Proper measurement of student performance during exam activity is one such step.

Importance of answer sheet evaluation

As part of institute’s continuous improvement, the answer sheet checking also must be streamlined in a more accurate way, here is how you can improve the accuracy of answer sheet checking process

Ensure Examiners are Checking all the pages of answer sheet

Digital answer sheet evaluation

While evaluating the physical copy of the answer script, examiners are expected to evaluate all the pages. many of the times students leave some blank pages for writing an answer in the later part of the exam, but due to time constrain, student may leave those pages blank and do not write anything on those pages. This gives a false impression for the evaluator that the answer sheet is ended.

To avoid such confusions, the evaluators need to be recommended to visit all the pages of the answer sheet and mark all pages. This will improve the answer sheet checking accuracy to a great extent.

OnScreen Evaluation System makes it a mandatory steps for evaluators to mark the blank pages at start of evaluation process. The digital answer sheet evaluation system has many other advantages, here are the best practices to follow while implementing the digital answer sheet evaluation

Apply data Analytics for understanding paper checking pattern

Data analytics in answer sheet checking process

With data analytics, the administrator can analyze the pattern of paper checking, in case the examiner awarded consistently low marks or high marks to any of the students in a wrong manner, the same can be identified through the visual representations available in the OnScreen Marking System.

Also, it is possible to check the question wise marking pattern. For each question, the administrator can see the mark awarding pattern. This can help the admin to understand the question wise performance of the students. If any discrepancy is there in mark awarding pattern, it can also be easily identified

Simplify Moderation Process

Simplified moderation process

Simpler processes are favored by everyone, no wonder that the simple processes find better acceptance and invite lesser errors, considering the same; in order to improve the accuracy of answer-sheet checking process, you can consider simplifying the moderation process. Here is how you can simplify the moderation process

Implementation of OnScreen Marking System

These are the relatively new and advanced systems that enable the evaluator to check the answersheet through a digital interface, the advantages of OnScreen Marking System are many; including better coordination between the evaluators, better organization of data and faster data processing to count a few.

Onscreen evaluation Process

Automatic Selection of Moderation Answer Sheets

Based on the marks issued by the first level examiner, you can define criteria for certain number of booklets or answer sheets should be assigned to moderator.

In this case moderator can login to the system and can easily recheck the answer sheets. System can be configured to take into consideration moderation marks or first level examiner marks according to criteria.

Moderation of answer sheet checking

Do Data Analysis of result for entire batch to identify patterns and recommendations

Data analytics to analyze the overall performance of students

What if the answer sheet evaluation process can give you the valuable insight about how the teachers and students are performing? It will be great, right?

It is possible with the Digital Answer Sheet Checking platforms, the system can visually represent the data of marking pattern and subject/ topic wise performance of the students. This can be used for tracking the students progress, interests and the teacher’s credibility,

With the insights from marking pattern, it is possible to orient the academic activities to improve the areas of weakness of the students and to align personalized teaching.

Answer sheet evaluation data points can provide useful insights of individual and batch performance. You can also align teachers performance with respect to particular subject / topic/ Subtopic etc.

Data Analytics for answer sheet checking and moderation

Per Question Average marks obtained by the Batch

Number of questions not attempted by more than 50% of the batch

Overall Batch Weakness Quotient for particular Topic/ Subtopic/ Section

Specific Topic where more than 75% of the batch has attempted it wrong

Difference between marks allotted by Examiner and Moderator

Use auto subjective AI algorithms for system driven evaluation

Automated AI powered answer sheet evaluation

Descriptive answer sheet checking is typically considered as a manual process, but it can be automated to a great extent by using the advanced AI powered answer sheet checking tools.

AI tool is able to understand pattern of correct and wrong answer texts.

Input to the AI tool would be historical evaluation data and then it assigns marks to response of each question .

The evaluator AI tool can easily identify the correct descriptive answers and can save a lot of time of answer sheet checking. This also nullifies the chances of missing out the correct points mentioned by the student in the answer.

Continuous Feedback from all Stakeholders for Improvement

Feedback from students is important for continuous improvement

In case of offline answer sheet evaluation ,there is hardly any scope for feedback mechanism. This is more like a one way process where providing personalized feedback is difficult

On the same point, it must be noted that the continuous improvement in the answersheet evaluation process is quiet not possible without the feedback from stakeholders of examination activity.

The newer digital answer sheet evaluation technologies provide a platform for collecting useful information about student performance, examiner performance, moderation performance.

This enables mechanism to measure and improve student performance with improvement in accuracy of answer sheet checking.

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