What is difference between Starter and Professional Pricing Plans?


Starter Edition and Professional Edition have a difference in the total number of exam credits along with additional features for the Professional Exam package.



1.Custom Certificate:  If you wish to issue a certificate to exam candidates then you should opt for Professional Plan. It allows you to issue a certificate to successful candidates.

2. Branding  You can define your own custom logo for online exams. It can be easily integrated with your own website with a seamless experience to candidates appearing for online exams.

3.Multilingual Support: If you wish to conduct the exam in 2 different languages e.g. you want to display questions in English and Hindi simultaneously then it is useful for you as eklavvya provides facility to define question bank in multiple language formats.

4. Candidate Image Capturing

The system can capture the photograph of the candidate appearing for the exam. You can configure to capture the image of the candidate after each 30-second interval. It would ensure that the same candidate is appearing for the exam during the entire exam duration. It can be verified from the admin panel.

5.AI Based Image Proctoring

You can identify key image analysis as no face detected, 2 faces detected during online exam to ensure that the authorized candidate is attempting the online exam process.

6. Question Bank:  For professional plan, we provide standard question bank for English, Reasoning, Aptitude and General Knowledge questions. It can be useful for you to conduct aptitude, selection oriented exams.

In both editions, you can select one of the options as Unlimited Exams for a certain number of users or exam credits based pricing.