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Details of Examiner Dashboard

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Examiner dashboard is a tool in Eklavvya that lets you keep track of the activity of the examiner. After completion of the subjective examinations, the digital answer sheets of students are assigned to the examiners.

The assignment of answer sheets can be done exam wise, subject wise and topic wise as well. While assigning the examiner, the admin can define the evaluation expiry date (A date before which the examiner is supposed to complete the answer sheet evaluation process). Once the evaluators start evaluation, the progress of paper checking gets updated on the portal.

Here is how the examiner evaluation interface looks like-

This progress of paper checking process by the evaluator can be tracked by the administrator, here are certain steps to follow for checking the answer sheet evaluation progress-

Steps to access the Examiner Dashboard

Step 1-

Login in as superadmin/ exam administrator/ manager on Eklavvya portal

Step 2- 

Click on “Examiner” tab present at the middle left of the screen in menu

Step 3-

Click on “Examiner dashboard” button under “Examiner” tab

Step 4-

Enter the date or date range of exam schedule (For example:  If exam is conducted on 4th march 2022, select date 4th march or enter date range 3rd to 4th March 2022)

Step 5-

Click on the “Go” button, the progress report for each examiner would be displayed for all the subjective examiners which were conducted during the defined period

The following details will be available on the dashboard page-

  1. Examiner name
  2. Examiner mobile number
  3. Examiner email address
  4. Exam name for which the examiner is assigned
  5. Schedule of the assigned examination
  6. Assigned paper count to examiner
  7. Number of checked papers by the examiner
  8. Pending paper count (Calculated as total assigned minus total checked papers)

All the above mentioned parameters will be available for each examiner separately.

Thus, with the help of examiner dashboard, the admin can keep track of examiner evaluation activity at any point of time for all the subjective examinations conducted through Eklavvya portal.