How to conduct online exam using tablet

Online Exam on Tablet

Online Assessment is being extensively used to assess candidates for various processes including educational entrance, recruitment process, selection process. Conducting online exam concurrently can be challenging in case of limited internet bandwidth or lack of continuous internet connection.

Conducting Exam using Tablet

In order to eliminate internet bandwidth limitations , it is possible to conduct online exam process using tablet. In this process application is built and uploaded on the tablet. Application has all security features and offline question bank related to exam. It is stored in encrypted format.

Candidate can appear for the exam in offline mode on the tablet. Exam is completed on the tablet and it is sync with central server using internet connection. In this case internet connectivity is needed only after completion of exam process. Entire examination can be conducted in offline manner without any need of continuous internet connection.

This feature is available as part of enterprise Edition of the platform.

Conduct Online Exam using Tablet