How to Conduct an Assessment for a Coding Skill? [Video]

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Explore steps to define and conduct online coding tests with online compilers and coding question bank management Free Demo of Coding Skill Assessment

Coding skill is one of the key skill sets that is highly coveted in the IT and software industry. Conventionally, the coding tests were conducted in a physical manner wherein the candidates were expected to write a chunk of code during the evaluation process.

However, with the advent of technology and innovations, coding assessments can now be done online too. Eklavvya presents an online exam platform that offers extensive coding tests too.

Explore steps to conduct coding skill assessment in C, C++, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, Go, and PHP. Eklavvya platform offers user-friendly and seamless coding assessment in a proctored environment. You can conduct online coding assessments with advanced AI proctoring and all anti-cheating configurations.

Candidates can attempt an online coding test, which is auto-evaluated against test cases. You can filter out suitable candidates with the requisite coding skills. Configure coding assessments based on difficulty level and the expertise needed to be verified.

You can avoid lengthy and cumbersome hiring processes and filter out suitable candidates. Save the cost of hiring with automated coding skill evaluation. 


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