Exam Moderation


What Is Exam Moderation? #

The moderator is responsible for re-checking a random set of answer sheets that have already been evaluated by an examiner. This is an important step in the quality control process as it helps to ensure that marking criteria are consistently applied.

The Benefits of Onscreen Evaluation Systems #

One way to streamline the answer sheet moderation process is through the use of onscreen evaluation systems. These systems allow for the automated assignment of answer sheets to moderators, which can help to reduce the potential for bias and ensure a more efficient grading process.

Defining Marking Criteria for Moderators and Examiners #

In order to ensure the consistency and fairness of the grading process, it is important to clearly define the marking criteria for both moderators and examiners. This can help to ensure that all answer sheets are evaluated using the same standards and help to maintain the integrity of the grading process.

By implementing answer sheet moderation and using onscreen evaluation systems, education institutes, and universities can ensure quality control in the grading process and maintain the trust of their students and stakeholders.

FAQs #

1- What are some approaches to selecting question papers for moderation? #

The most common approach for selecting the answer sheets for moderation is random sampling. The moderator selects a number of answer sheets that would be considered representative of the quality of the answer sheet evaluation of all answer sheets.

In simple terms, around 5-10% of answer sheets are randomly chosen and moderated. If any discrepancy is found, the moderator decides to further check a few more samples.

2- Does the online answer sheet evaluation system support moderation features? #

Yes, the online answer sheet evaluation system supports moderation, you can define the criteria for sending the answer sheets for moderation on the basis of marks obtained by the students.

A common approach for sending answer sheets for moderation is to choose the answer sheets which have secured very low or very high marks.

Once the administrator defines the criteria for the selection of answer sheets for moderation, the software system automatically chooses and sends the answer sheets for moderation.

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