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A database of NAAC criteria and key indicators


A system for collecting and storing data on the institution’s performance against the criteria


A reporting tool that generates reports on the institution’s performance


A workflow management system that helps the institution track the progress of its accreditation application


Save time and resources by automating the accreditation process

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NAAC Accreditation Software

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Here are 7 Must Follow NAAC Criteria

Curricular Aspects

Focus on the relevance and quality of the curriculum, flexibility in curriculum design, the inclusion of interdisciplinary courses, use of technology in the teaching-learning process, and regular curriculum review and update.

Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

Emphasis on effective teaching methods, learner-centric approaches, innovative teaching techniques, continuous evaluation methods, feedback mechanisms, student counselling, and support services.

Research, Innovations, and Extension

Encouragement for research and innovation, publications in reputed journals, patents and copyrights, industry-academia collaborations, extension activities, community engagement, social responsibility initiatives, and outreach programs.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Availability and adequacy of physical infrastructure, classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, ICT resources, Wi-Fi connectivity, learning resources, maintenance of facilities, and accessibility for students with disabilities.

Student Support and Progression

Student support services, mentoring systems, counselling facilities, career guidance, placement support, support for scholarships and financial aid, measures for student progression, monitoring student progress, and initiatives for student welfare.

Governance, Leadership, and Management

Transparent and efficient governance structure, participatory decision-making, academic and administrative autonomy, leadership qualities, management practices, accountability mechanisms, financial management, and adherence to statutory requirements.

Institutional Values and Best Practices

Promotion of core values, ethical practices, academic integrity, gender equality, inclusivity, social and environmental responsibility, preservation of cultural heritage, promotion of best practices, and benchmarking with national and international standards


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAAC?

NAAC stands for the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. It is an autonomous body in India responsible for assessing and accrediting higher education institutions.

Who can apply for NAAC accreditation?

All types of higher education institutions in India, including universities, colleges, and autonomous institutions, can apply for NAAC accreditation.

How long does the NAAC accreditation process take?

Institutions are advised to undergo NAAC accreditation once every five years to maintain their accreditation status and demonstrate continuous quality improvement.

How often should institutions undergo NAAC accreditation?

Institutions are advised to undergo NAAC accreditation once every five years to maintain their accreditation status and demonstrate continuous quality improvement.

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