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Examination process is one of the key areas of education administration and student grading process. There are Question Paper Generation and Deliverymany stakeholders who need to work in co-ordinate fashion to make entire examination process along with result processing a seamless process with 100% accuracy.

Examination process is becoming more tech savy and students are expecting fair examination process and quicker result declaration by the autonomous institutions or universities.

Following are some of the key stakeholders of the process





1.Subject Matter Expert


Subject matter expert is the person who has expertise in particular subject/ topic of the particular stream/ semester. This person need to study syllabus of  the particular subject and define  question bank pool according to question types, difficulty level, total marks etc.

Question paper generation subject matter expert

Education institution or university needs to have pool of questions in the question bank which can be used a ready reference while defining examination question paper for particular semester / stream and year.


Subject matter experts can be located in different cities or different locations. Education institution or university need to call those people at central location and initiate question bank preparation process according to syllabus. Co-ordination and logistical activities may incur cost for this process.


Technology like Question Authoring Tools/ Question Bank Management can help to simplify the process where one or more subject matter experts can login and  define question bank according to hierarchy like Subject Name, Topic Name, Difficulty Level , Marks, Objective/ subjective question, diagrams etc.

2.Question paper Design (Paper Setter)


Considering that question bank is defined for each topic/ subject/ subtopic as per syllabus. Next crucial step is to define one or more question papers as per syllabus defined for the exam. Question paper must follow guidelines and examination question paper pattern defined. Question Paper Design


Paper setter is the person who can select random set of questions from the pool of available question bank to define question paper for the examination process.

Paper setter need to ensure that question paper defined is as per university guidelines.


Online Question paper Generation tools can help to simplify this process.

Paper setter can login to secure software system and define question paper using simple work flows and guidelines. Total time required to define question paper would be drastically reduced with software solution approach.




Question Paper ModerationModerator is the person who needs to validate question papers defined by the paper setter. Moderator is also a subject matter expert for particular subject. Moderator need to ensure following things

  • Question Paper is defined strictly as per syllabus and guidelines defined.
  • No question is out of syllabus or out of context of the question paper
  • There is no errors , spelling mistakes in the question paper.
  • Approve one of the question paper for final examination Process.






In case of moderator is travelling or situated at different city then above mentioned activity may not be possible. So travelling, logistic is one of the key task , it can add to delay in question paper generation process.In traditional process, moderator needs to visit central hub where question papers can be kept at secure location for verification and validation.

Online Questions authoring and Question Paper Generation can help education entity to simplify this process. Moderator can be situated at any location can login to secure software system to validate question papers defined by the paper setter.

4.Controller of Examination (COE)

Controller of examination

Controller of examination (COE) has critical role to administer , monitor entire examination activity right from defining examination schedule, question paper generation, conducting examination process to result generation.


COE need to monitor all streams, subjects , semester for the above mentioned activity. Manual management of this work can be tedious and difficult to monitor.


Software system and tools like Question paper Generation System can help controller of examination (COE) to monitor and control entire process using software solution. COE can keep track of below activities using software solution

  • Define scheme of the examination paper in the system
  • Assign Paper Setters, Subject matter experts, Moderators for the software system
  • Monitor progress of each stream, subject for examination activity
  • Analysis for particular subjects where question paper generation activity is delayed.
  • Monitor Daily/ Monthly snapshot using central dashboard.


5. Question Paper Printing and Delivery

Question Papers

Generation of question paper is one of the task and delivery of it at each exam center as per exam time table is another critical task.

Security and secrecy of question paper during delivery is critical factor for success of overall examination process.

Universities spend lot of administrative and logistical cost to professionally manage delivery of the question papers.


Examination question papers need to be printed at secure printing location.

Examination co coordinator need to ensure that physical copies of the question paper reaches examination center as per number of students registered at respective examination center.

Bunch of the question papers should be sealed and signed prior to sending it to examination center.


Authority at the examination center is allowed to open this seal 60 to 90 minutes prior to examination process. Examination authority team should be present while opening the seal and process of signing and auditing should be followed to ensure that question paper bunch is opened with standard process.

This is completely manual process and involves administrative and logistical hassle. Specially if you consider there are more than 100 exam centers then number of people, entities involved would be very large.

Manual activity is prone to errors and there is high probability that question paper may get leaked during transit period of education institution to examination center.


In order to eliminate manual process, online question paper delivery can be implemented. It helps to securely delivery digital copies of the question paper at examination center.

Exam center authority is allowed to access digital copy using one time password and at specific date and time as defined during online delivery. It helps to eliminate administrative and logistical  cost of managing question paper delivery.


Have you faced any such challenges during examination process ?


Please share your feedback at [email protected] , we would be glad to assist you to overcome your challenges of question paper generation and delivery.


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