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Academic Bank of Credits allows students to have more flexibility in designing their educational paths
With an Academic Bank of Credits, students have increased mobility options.
The Academic Bank of Credits can contribute to increased accessibility to education
Academic Bank of Credits encourages personalized learning paths tailored to individual needs and interests
Multiple choice to select their academic courses.

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How does Credit Management Work for Students and Institutions through Academic Bank of Credit ?

1Credit Bank: The ABC system functions as a credit bank for students to borrow credits for degree completion.

2Credit Transfer: ABC allows students to transfer credits earned from one institution to another.

3Credit Accumulation: Students can accumulate credits earned from various institutions and programs.

4Credit Validation: The ABC system validates the credits earned by the students to meet academic standards.

5Credit Repository: ABC serves as a central credit repository, enabling students to easily access and share their academic records with institutions.

How does Academic Bank of Credit Work ?

1Create a DigiLocker account. You can do this by visiting the DigiLocker website or by downloading the DigiLocker app.
2Login to DigiLocker and search for “Education”
3Under the “Education” category, you will see the “Academic Bank of Credits” service.
4Select your university and click on “Generate ABC ID”.
5You will receive an email with your ABC ID and password.
6Login to the ABC website using your ABC ID and password.
7You can now start accumulating credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)?

Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is a digital or virtual store which stores the academic credits earned by students.

What is Academic credit?

It is a unit by which the courses work i.e. theory or practical or training is measured.

What are the steps that HEIs need to follow the steps to expand the ABC program?

– Registration of HEIs on ABC’s official website.
– Publish student credit data on a regular basis.
– HEIs need to include the link to the ABC URL on their website.
– HEIs must assign a nodal officer to carry out the ABC process.
– HEIs should inform students to open an account on the ABC portal.

What Are The Functions Of Academic Bank Of Credit (ABC)?

Credit recognition, credit accumulation, credit transfer, and credit redemption are the main functions of the Academic Bank of Credits.

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