Online Oral Exam

Online Oral Exam

The Benefits and Features of Online Oral Exam #

Online oral exams are the type of examinations that seek verbal answers from students in real-time. Online oral exams are more reliable as the teacher/instructor can interact with the student in real-time and there are no chances of cheating or malpractice.

In other words, Online oral exams are a way for students to take an exam by speaking with their teacher or instructor over the internet. During the exam, the student will be asked questions and will have to give verbal answers in real-time. 

One of the benefits of online oral exams is that the teacher or instructor can interact with the student and make sure they understand the material. 

This can make the exam more reliable because the teacher can ask follow-up questions or clarify any misunderstandings. Online oral exams also have the advantage of reducing the possibility of cheating or other forms of academic misconduct, since the student and teacher are interacting directly. 

Online oral exams can be conducted using specially designed platforms that come up with various features like-

  1. Scheduling the online oral exam
  2. Conducting bulk online oral exams for predefined questions
  3. Automated communication with students for online oral exams
  4. Recording and storing the online oral exam data for evaluation


FAQs #

1- What are online oral exams? #

Oral exams are also known as viva-voce, which is a Latin word meaning “by the living voice”. In an oral exam, the teacher/instructor poses questions and students answer them. Then on the basis of your answers, the marks are evaluated.

2- What are the advantages of an online oral exam? #

The online oral exams are a great alternative to traditional offline viva voice exams, there are various advantages of the online oral exams, these exams are secure, the records of the viva voce can be stored for objective evidence of the exam, and most importantly, these exams can be conducted in bulk when the question is predefined.

3- Are online viva voce allowed by the education regulators? #

Yes, in India, recently the UGC has allowed to conduct the online viva voce for M.Phil and Ph.D. courses, the online oral examinations are useful as they are not only convenient but also provide objective evidence of the viva-voce which is not the case for offline oral examinations. It also helps in making the evaluation bias-free as the objective evidence of the viva-voce will be available which will ensure fair grading.

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