Online Assessment Solution

Definition #

Online assessment solutions are the platforms that support the conduction of online assessments, this software comes with a variety of features for creating, managing, and executing online assessments.

Online assessment solutions can be of many types but they possess certain common features like question bank management and proctoring.

Here are certain common features that you should look for while choosing an Online Assessment Solution for your needs-

  1. The Online Assessment Solution must be reliable
  2. It should support bulk processing of the data (For example, importing candidate data directly from the excel sheet with a single click)
  3. It should support malpractice prevention mechanisms like AI proctoring
  4. The platform should be scalable to accommodate the number of students appearing for assessment concurrently.

FAQs #

1- What types of assessments can be created with online assessment software? #

Online assessment software can be used to create a variety of assessments, including multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short-answer questions. Advanced software supports the conduction of audio-based, video-based, and programming/Coding tests as well.

2- Can online assessments be customized to fit my organization’s needs? #

Yes, most online assessment software allows for customization of the branding, layout, and design of the assessments to fit the needs of the organization.

You can choose your brand colors for the assessment page to make it more customized. Further, you can choose to use your own domain for conducting the online assessments and you may choose not to disclose the name of the online assessment platform if you prefer.

3- Are online assessments secure? #

Yes, online assessment software typically includes security features such as password protection and encryption to ensure that assessments are secure and that test-takers are who they claim to be. One should make sure to choose a reliable online assessment tool.

4- Can online assessments be administered remotely? #

Yes, one of the key benefits of online assessment software is the ability to administer assessments remotely, allowing test-takers to complete the assessment from any location with an internet connection.

In fact, it is one of the major advantages of the online assessments that those can be administered from any place in the world, that too, in a secure and reliable manner.

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